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    Why call Next Plumbing & Drain first

    • Reputation: Next Plumbing & Drain is one of the highest reviewed companies in the nation
    • The Next Plumbing & Drain Guarantee, we guarantee our work 12X longer than the national average.
    • UP FRONT PRICING: You know and approve the price before we start the work.
    • FREE video inspection. After cleaning the sewer we perform a free video inspection to make it’s perfect.
    • EFFICIENCY: Every truck is equipped with state-of-the-art drain machines, jetters and flex cables.
    • Free drain treatment after every cleaning. 
    • Problems located with pinpoint accuracy on the spot.
    • Same day EMERGENCY service. 
    • We have the right equipment. We can clear any drain from 2” to 20”

    Count On Us to Remove Stubborn Clogs & Blockages in your drains

    Plumbing professionals are available 24/7 to unclog and clean drains, perform routine drain maintenance, provide emergency drain cleaning services, and unclog and clean main sewers. We also service floor drains, sink drains, toilet drains, laundry drains, downspout drains, storm drains, sewer drains, and more. The experienced team at Next Plumbing can determine what caused your drain blockage, work to solve the problem, and provide video inspection to be absolutely certain the problem is gone upon completion. When finished, we guarantee our work 100%.

    Our Plumbing & Drain professionals stand ready to help you 24/7 with all of your plumbing needs!
    If you need drain cleaning or repair, 
    contact Next Plumbing or call us at (239) 307-0404.

    What Are Signs You Need Drain Cleaning?

    • The most common sign is bubbling in the toilet, or water coming up in a tub or shower even if you’re not using the tub or shower.
    • Sewer or gas smell at or under a fixture
    • Slow draining.
    • Gurgling sounds.
    • Water coming out from under your toilet. 

    Clogged drains can cause a myriad of problems. When a drain is not flowing properly, it can create a strong odor, cause backups, make toilets flush slowly or clog, and even ruin your lawn with mud, sinking spots, and flooding. Having a drain that flows properly can help you avoid major complications and costly needs for repair.

    Understanding your drainage system and what is the right tool for the job.

    A standard cable machine: This is a machine that uses long steel coils that gets pushed through the drainage system. During the process of drain cabling, a long, flexible cable is introduced into the drain and advanced until it encounters the clog. At the end of this cable is a chopping head that the technician rotates causing the head to grab and chew through the clog, breaking it apart and collecting the bigger bits. A cable machine will not remove rust, sand, grease, soap or any soft blockage, this does not mean it will not clear a soft blockage. A cable machine will clear a soft blockage but will leave large amounts of the blockage in the pipe thus allowing future blockages to occur more frequently.

    Flex shaft machines: Flex shaft is new to the industry. A flexible shaft is a precisely defined and configured nested group of springs, tightly wound so that it has torsional, or rotational strength, as opposed to the tensile strength found in standard wire rope or cable. Flex shaft machines have the ability to make sharper turns and reach areas a cable cannot. A flex shaft also uses small chains on the end that are designed to expand in size once they are rotated. The expansion of the chains will allow more area around the drain to be cleaned.

    Hydro Jet Machines: A hydro jet machine is basically a pressure washer for the inside of your pipes. A hydro jet machine works the opposite direction of a cable or flex shaft machine. The Hydro jet is designed to clean 360 degrees and pull the blockage. Sewer line jetting is an efficient and effective way of removing blockages and debris from sewer systems. It involves the powerful force of pressurized water that is jetted backwards through the pipe, allowing it to move dirt, debris, and sediment. Sewer line jetting can be used to unclog a blocked drain, remove rust from cast iron pipes, or eliminate grease buildup in your pipes. It’s also a great way to inspect your pipes for any potential cracks. These services can save you money on costly repairs and provide peace of mind that your piping system can function properly. With professional assistance from plumbing experts, sewer line jetting is a safe and reliable solution for any clogged sewer lines.

    How to Prevent Clogs

    You already know our plumbers can quickly blast away blockages through comprehensive drain cleaning service – but how can you be proactive and prevent stubborn and recurring clogs from ever happening in the first place? Get the insight you need to make smarter decisions in regards to your drains and thus reduce the likelihood you’ll face unexpected and inconvenient draining problems.

    Learn how to prevent clogs by exploring the info below.

    • Avoid putting things you shouldn’t down your garbage disposal, including grease, fat, oil, meat, bones, grains, egg shells, kitty litter, and large food items.
    • Use and frequently clear buildup from removable drain grates and screens, such as hair, soap scum, food, dirt, and other debris.
    • Regularly fill and drain your bathtub in effort to flush your drains and wash away items clinging to your pipes and poised to form blockages.
    • Refrain from using your toilets or drains as a wastebasket; instead, always throw away large items, especially food that could easily be scraped from a plate.
    • Steer clear of flushing any objects other than toilet paper, like paper towels, personal wipes, feminine products, Q-tips, cotton pads, medication, diapers, and dental floss.

    Reasons Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is a Bad Idea

    If you are like most homeowners, you likely take pride in performing certain repairs around the house on your own in order to save money. While this is certainly admirable, attempting drain cleaning and repairs on your own can be both dangerous to your health and damaging to your plumbing if done incorrectly.

    Store-bought chemical drain cleaners can cause severe burns to bare skin and can deteriorate your pipes, while mechanical drain snakes and rooters can cause severe injury if the coiled wire should recoil back on you during operation.

    Let Next Plumbing Help You with All of Your Sewer & Drainage Needs

    As the area’s premier plumbing experts, Next Plumbing is proud to offer experienced, trusted drainage services. We guarantee that every plumber that comes into your home has completed a thorough background check. Our team strives to be punctual and courteous, and we offer around-the-clock emergency services at no extra cost to you.

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