Customer Protection Plans

    Keeping Your Plumbing System in Optimal Condition

    If you’re like most homeowners, you may not be thinking about your plumbing system until an issue has occurred. We understand that plumbing maintenance, however important, is often regarded as an unnecessary cost. That’s why at Next Plumbing, we have come up with a protection plan to help homeowners receive the plumbing maintenance they need while also saving their hard-earned money.

    The customer protection plan has three different types to suit any homeowners’ specific needs and budget. Receive the most comprehensive maintenance plan plus some other benefits including priority service and special discounts when you sign up today. Best of all, you get the peace of mind knowing that our plumbers are there for you to take care of any plumbing issue.

    For any questions, concerns, or assistance in applying for any of our customer protection plans, please feel free to get in touch with us at (239) 307-0404.

    Silver Plan

    • 10% discount on repairs
    • Preferred treatment over non-emergency customers
    • Home inspection every six months. We will test plumbing fixtures for proper operation and leaks.
    • Water heater flush to remove debris and sediment from the tank in order to operate at maximum efficiency and expand the life of the tank.
    • Water pressure tests that include water pressure entering your home and static pressure which is your water pressure under operating conditions
    • Emergency isolation valve inspection and testing of all emergency shut-off valves
    • Repack valves if needed and shut off to assure flow separation

    Gold Plan

    • All items in the “Silver Plan”
    • 10% discount on repairs
    • Replace washing machine hoses as needed, which is the number one cause of flooding in the home
    • Replace toilet flappers and ballcock assemblies as needed to reduce water bills. (Minor rebuild, up to 2 toilets)
    • Treat your drains with an environmentally safe drain treatment which reduces backups and odors in your drains
    • Test water chlorine and pH levels.
    • professional video inspection for sewer lines. (Must have exposed clean out)

    Platinum Plan

    • All items in the “Silver and Gold Plan”
    • 15% discount on repairs
    • professional burst proof hoses as upgrade
    • Replace faucet aerators as needed
    • A complete tank overhaul which includes ballcock assembly, a new flapper, a new handle and flush valve unit. (Major rebuild, up to 2 toilets)
    • Emergency isolation valves and risers including the replacement of up to six emergency valves when needed and changing out supply lines to all six fixtures as well.
    • A double labor warranty included with this plan
    • professional annual state required backflow certification (up to 1″)

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