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    Do-it-yourself projects can seem fun at the beginning, but undertaking a plumbing project can quickly turn into a disaster without the necessary training and equipment. At Next Plumbing and Drain, we strongly recommend that you contact a professional when installing a new sink. We proudly offer trusted and experienced plumbing services to customers throughout Southwest Florida and our plumbers are licensed and insured. 

    Our sink installation services are cost-effective and can help you avoid costly plumbing problems. We will discuss the type of sink that may work best in your kitchen or bathroom, and work with you to quickly and properly install the fixture.

    What to Consider When Installing A New Sink?

    There are a variety of sinks on the market that may work for your home, but how do you know which is right? Depending on the use of the sink, our plumbers can help you pick the right one for your family.

    Here are some things to consider when moving forward with a new sink installation.

    • Does the sink allow for the plumbing underneath to fit properly?
    • If the sink needs to be handicap-accessible
    • The design of the sink and how it will mesh with the rest of the room
    • How much water pressure you need from the faucet
    • The price of the sink and your budget

    A common issue we run into in the industry is lack of knowledge when purchasing a new sink. Often times, homeowners do not consider how the depth of the sink effects the rest of the kitchen plumbing. It may be too low to use a disposal. It may also be too low to attach to the existing piping in the wall. This usually requires removing the wall all the way to the vent and lowering the waste arm. If you just had new cabinets installed, they may need to be cut or removed as well. 

    Once a sink is chosen, our expert plumbers will remove the old sink and install the new one quickly and efficiently. Or, if there was no sink to remove, we will properly install all necessary plumbing for the new sink. When we leave our job site, we make sure that the sink is ready for you to use!

    To receive an estimate of the sink installation service for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, or the outdoors,
    give us a call at (239) 307-0404.

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