Detecting Water Leaks and Re-piping Are Your Water Lines or Pipes Showing These Warning Signs?

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    Detecting Water Leaks and Re-piping

    Are Your Water Lines or Pipes Showing These Warning Signs?

    The harsh water conditions in Southwest Florida are tough on water pipes. Over a period of time the inside lining of the pipe will deteriorate and small pinhole water leaks will develop. Sometimes the solution is to repair the damaged section of pipe, and a spot repair is all that is necessary to solve the issue. Other times a more extensive solution is needed: re-piping.

    When a leak develops under the foundation of your property or in walls behind bathtubs and vanities it is often a better option to simply replace the entire damaged water system. At Next Plumbing we are experts in re-piping. We’ve successfully re-piped thousands of South West Florida properties with minimal disruption, and want you to know that no job is too big, or too little. We understand the damage and frustration a leak can cause, please ask us about water extraction and remediation services.

    Whether you own a home or a business, your water lines and pipes may be sending you warning signs that they require immediate attention for maintenance, repair or replacement, including:

    • Leaking
    • Corrosion
    • Bursting Pipes

    These issues lead to further problems by compromising water pressure. Compromised water pressure affects your showers, faucets, sinks and toilets.

    Contact us right away if you see any of these signs to have a Next plumbing professional check your water lines or pipes before it’s too late.

    When re-piping it is important to understand that there are many different types of pipes, each with different advantages and lifespans. When choosing a contractor to re-pipe your home, make sure to ask what pipes they offer and recommend for your job.Copper Pipe: works well for ½”, ¾”, and 1” water supply lines going from the main water supply pipe to household sinks and toilets

    PEX Tubing: is as reliable as copper but it is easier for plumbers to work with and would cost a considerable amount less in labor and material costs. PEX Tubing is extremely durable and flexible pipe that holds up to the harsh water conditions of SW Florida. We have found that PEX pipe is one of the best alternatives to the deteriorating copper water lines homeowners in our area have been experiencing. There are three classes of PEX ( A, B & C class PEX) The only two we would recommend would be B or C Class.

    PVC/CPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipe: is a common material used for household drainpipes, vents and water lines. PVC/CPVC pipe is a popular solution because of its durability against leaks and resistance to root intrusion. CPVC is designed for hot and cold water and is more ridged than PEX pipes.

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