Storm Chasers – Questions To Ask When Hiring Contractors

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    Storm Chasers Emerge After Hurricane Irma

    Disaster seems to always make the scammers (storm chasers) come out of the woodwork. Days after the storm so called contractors started showing up in neighborhoods ready to instantly and quickly fix your damage. CONSUMERS BEWARE! Legitimate contractors just don’t work that way. There are some basic questions you as a consumer have the right to ask. Here are a few to protect you from getting scammed, possibly having to do all the work over again or not getting reimbursed by your insurance company.

    Do Not Trust Company Working Out Of The Back Of An Unmarked Pickup

    1. Ask for their card and business/contractors license number. If they give any excuse or reason they can’t provide this info, then maybe you should look for someone else. If they do give you a number, you can quickly check them out online at the Division of Corporations website.
    2. Do not hire companies licensed from another state. (RED FLAG)
    3. Are they Bonded or Insured? Ask for their insurance information. They should always have this available for their clients. If they give you a hard time about it, just look for another contractor.
    4. Ask them for some references of their work.
    5. Do let them pressure you to make a decision instantly. Quality, legitimate companies don’t have to do business this way.
    6. Never sign an agreement without having an estimate in writing showing the total cost of the repairs. If they tell you to just pay them the deductible and they (the contractor) will work the rest out directly with the insurance company. (RED FLAG).

    Bottom line is if it seems to good to be true. It probably is!

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