Handicap Bathrooms Design Aspects

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    What About Handicap Bathrooms In Your Home?

    The one aspect of design that is often overlooked is functionality for the handicap or those with limited mobility. Public bathrooms are designed to accommodate this audience, but what about your home and handicap bathrooms?

    An example of handicap bathroom designed bathroom is of vital importance. Any modifications for a disabled person need to be considered carefully so they can get in and out without difficulty.

    Ways To Install Handicap Bathrooms in Your Home

    1. The bathroom should either have a ramp at the entrance or be completely flat. This makes it easier to maneuver into and out of.
    2. Install as many grab bars as possible. These make it safer because the user will be able to get into and out of the bath or shower with ease.
    3. Washbasins, mirrors, and shelves should be put at a height where all users have easy access. Consider a small ramp near the sink so all individuals can use the space.
    4. In the shower, a sitting area should be available whether as a permanent or detachable fixture making showering more convenient.

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