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    FloodStop® is a of point-of-use leak detection device that automatically shuts off the water supply to the appliance the moment a leak is detected. Once water is detected, the motorized ball valves close and sound an alarm. It also allows you to shut off the water to your home at the push of a button. This is great for our part time residents.

    FloodStop water leak detection systems offer peace-of-mind and fully-automated water leak protection for your home or business. Each FloodStop system features a controller, water leak sensor, and an automatic water shut-off valve. It quickly detects water leaks and turns off the water supply to prevent water damage.

    • convenient control panel shows system status at a glance
    • automatic water shut-off (3/4″ or 1″) when leak is detected
    • thousands of possible product configurations for every possible application
    • hard-wired and wireless sensors available
    • optional control panel (w/alarm interface) for integration with home security systems
    • get discounts on your home or business insurance

    Water damage is an issue that affects millions of Americans each year. While flash floods and heavy rains are some of the more notorious contributors to water damage, some of the biggest threats to your home are actually within your walls. Pipe bursts, leaky appliances, failed water heaters, and faulty plumbing fixtures can all cause a significant amount of damage within homes. Smart leak detection systems provide the ability to stop leak-caused water damage before it happens. They can also be controlled and programmed remotely, allowing for easy access no matter where you are. Below, you can find more information on how a smart leak detection system can benefit homes and properties.

    While many Americans have installed smart systems for their security, thermostats, and light fixtures, fewer have invested in a smart leak detection system to protect their homes from water damage. Water damage may seem like an issue that is only for those in flood-prone regions, but this is not the case. Burst pipes, appliance leaks, roof leaks, and ice dams can cause water damage in areas where flooding is uncommon. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about two percent of American households file for water damage insurance claims annually. This accounts for around 30% of all household insurance claims. A smart leak detection system, such as the floodstop v4 has many benefits that can help stop leaks before water damage is sustained.

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